Richmond Lam


the dears turn apocalyptic tension into indie rock glory on “heart of an animal”

April 17, 2020

“I can certainly feel the decay crumbling inside us / And the weight from the rubble’s gonna take me down.”

The Dears vocalist Murray Lightburn has always had a knack for transforming the darkest times into transcendence. So it’s no surprise that in the midst of this darkest of timelines, The Dears’ latest offering is a new height for the band. After 20 plus years of indie rock glory, most bands have long since exhausted their store of ideas, but the latest single “Heart Of An Animal” from forthcoming Lovers Rock finds Murray and co at their best. The new single turns up the tension and paranoia that so often marks the best of their work to a degree fitting our current times, with a sound that’s simultaneously introspective and explosive, and calls to mind OK Computer era Radiohead in its expansiveness.



Lightburn says the new album is all about the question “how do we navigate so much bullshit in this world?” He adds, “We’re still playing this dumb rock music. But there’s always gonna be a little twist of the knife, cutting into something deep to make you feel like you’re alive. To say, ‘I know what you’re going through. And I’m hearing you, and I’m with you.’ That’s what the music is supposed to do.”


Lovers Rock drops May 15th. Keep up with them on Twitter @theDears