the black tones’ “the devil & his grandmother” is a middle finger to death

April 3, 2020
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It’s been a fuck of a week, fam. Pretty much every e-mail has delivered more heartbreak, so the news that there was some new Black Tones was a much needed bright spot. The sibling band from Seattle’s garage energy always matches the deadly serious against their wry humor, and their latest offers a tale of mortality and defiance.

“Where Do We Go Now” brings the stripped-down blues stomp that made their full-length Cobain And Cornbread shine to the same simple existential question we all find ourselves asking right now before combusting in an unexpectedly joyful coda. The A-side “The Devil and Grandma” meanwhile tells the story of a grandma who’s “85 and ready to die” but not even the Devil can take her down. There’s a post-punk edge to Eva Walker’s vocals that splits like a middle finger to death itself. The song is definitely the best thing yet to come from the Walker siblings, and one of the few good things period to come out of this week.


Snag your copy below on Bandcamp and keep up with The Black Tones on Facebook.