spinthrift market: these cards promote honest dialogue

April 13, 2020
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With businesses suffering major blows due to mass shutdown and less customers who are able to support during this time, there are so many companies at risk. Our Spinthrift Market series will feature different exceptional Black businesses in need of some love. If you are able to please consider buying from these businesses who we hope can survive this difficult time. Good luck to all the companies working hard to push through!

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Meet Gloria Day, a writer and illustrator living in Atlanta, GA.

Tell us a bit about your work.
I created Honesty Cards for Kids to provide parents and educators with questions and prompts that encourage honest communication with children (specifically young Black children).

I care deeply for children and feel that they should be able to explore, embrace, and express who they are.

In addition to building a career as a children’s book writer and illustrator, I use my love for visual art to create everything from books to games that bring awareness to our children’s social/emotional and mental health.

Who or what inspires you?
Lena Waithe, Jim Henson, and Shel Silverstein are big inspirations. The art forms and mediums that have always inspired me are music, theatre, and animation.

How have you been managing your mental health amid COVID-19?
Covid-19 has reminded me that managing mental health is a DAILY practice. With nearly every distraction thrown out the window, I’m able to see which practices are actually good for me. Praying, meditating, creating, writing, reading, communicating, breathing, moving, and resting are all so necessary right now.After having a family member pass away from Covid-19, I felt something shift. I’ve had to embrace a very wide, but also confusing range of emotions. Internal peace is EVERYTHING. Life has always been and will be uncertain, but everyday, we get to choose how we’ll encounter what has been placed in front of us.

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