Mamadi Doumbouya


premiere: sink your teeth into johnny based’s “trashtalk” video

April 1, 2020

Feeling pent up? Do your quarantine quarters feel like a cage after weeks inside? Then today there’s no better release than to wild out to Johnny Based new thrash rap song “Trashtalk.”

Based is a multimedia artist who works both in music and visual art. Also a member of the NYC’s buzzing NXGN collective alongside members TyBass and Fresh The Prophet, Based’s music is a melange of hip-hop, punk, and electronic music.

The dramatic video for the song, directed by Whipalo and Johnny himself is all high energy and vampirism, as Based stalks the streets of SoHo and sends a downtown crowd into a frenzy with his performance while bloodsuckers run amok.

“[The song] “Trash Talk was originally created in Queens, New York with singer, songwriter, and producer Danny Singh on the production,” says Based via email. “I actually sat on the track for about two and a half years until I figured out exactly what I wanted to do with it. During this waiting period, I was able to reconnect with a longtime high school friend of mine Whipalo (director/videographer) and from there everything was history. I came up with a concept and the storyline in a matter of days and Whipalo and I began the process of execution, gathering some of the most talented individuals in New York City to capture something timeless.”

Stream Johnny Based’s new album Insomniacs Sleep now.