community check in: get groovy with savage the poet

April 1, 2020

We asked our talented creative AFROPUNK community to submit their work to our platform during these turbulent times. (EMAIL US:

We’ve received an influx of amazing visual art, writing, spoken word, music, fashion and more so far! We look forward to sharing them with you throughout this COVID_19 quarantine period on and our social platforms.

Meet Brooklyn based rapper Savage The Poet who makes music that feeds the soul.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to ‘Groovy’?
When people listen to ‘Groovy’ I want them to feel a sense of nostalgia. Being a 90’s baby, I grew up around a prime time in Hip Hop music where rappers took pride in lyrical ability and storytelling. ‘Groovy’ is meant to bring Hip Hop out of the trap culture of the clubs and transition into this funky utopia where the power of the poet lies in his willingness to rebel against the routine. When shooting the music video I was inspired by old school TV sitcoms such as Fresh Prince of Belair, Martin, and Living in Color because in these shows I was able to witness strong protagonists that invented their personas without any concern of other characters. They were fearless, at times boisterous and most importantly unapologetic in their existence. I hope through ‘Groovy’ and other songs to come that I can be that archetype for others listening.

What inspires you in creating music?
As a poet sometimes I feel like most of my creative expression comes from observation. I find myself in such deep thought at times over simple moments that others tend to overlook. When the moment overwhelms my heart with emotion, I then feel the tug at my arm to pick up the pen and write. It is a very spiritual experience as if I am being used by something bigger something I might not even fully understand yet. I am inspired by my ancestors, politics, feminine energy, Afro-Latino culture and the lack of representation for someone like me with something to say.

How can people support you and donate to you amid COVID-19?
If people want to help me during this troubling time I would appreciate any donations sent to:
Cashapp: $Savagethepoet or Paypal
More importantly though, I want to connect with people during this time where social distancing has become our current reality. My IG is @savagethepoet and I’d love to talk to other artists/members of our community in forming collaborations, more music, and working towards healing each other.