this celebrity cover of “imagine” is mad weird

March 19, 2020
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The celebrity response to Coronavirus has at times been heartwarming. We have been treated to live concerts from musicians’ homes, creative renditions of late night shows to offer levity during these panic-inducing times, free workout or dance classes to do from home, and conversations between artists on shows like Red Table Talk and new Instagram Live interview shows on platforms like IndieWire and GQ. 

Since many of us are locked temporarily indoors, these efforts go a long way in keeping up the morale and uniting the masses. It is so beautiful to see people come together during times like these, but there have also been some disturbing takeaways since the world went into self-isolation.

This morning, Twitter erupted when a video circulated of celebrities (rounded up by actress Gal Gadot) singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” from their homes to cheer up the nation. The tone-deaf video, we can only assume, was created to make us feel better, wound up infuriating many. Turns out seeing a group of celebs who have quicker access to being tested pat themselves on the back for singing renditions of Lennon’s classic “Imagine” from their mansions does not make us feel more settled about COVID-19. Needless to say, the video did not reach the masses with welcome arms, but instead the participants received disbelief and roasts.

Gadot’s video felt extra inappropriate in light of the fact that celebrities are being prioritized for COVID-19 testing, therefore can be treated earlier and releive themselves from the anxiety of not knowing if they have it or not. While Coronavirus does not discriminate, access to testing and healing does. Celebrities and influencers who have shown zero symptoms have been able to get tested while many non-famous people showing all symptoms have been denied. Although it should not be, it is a privilege to be tested for the virus.