premiere: malxolm brixkhouse reinvents himself on “bussdown”

March 20, 2020
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Malxolm Brixkhouse first achieved viral success as a member of teenage metal trio Unlocking the Truth, going on to become the youngest band to perform at Coachella and the subject of the documentary “Breaking a Monster.” Though his sound has evolved over the years, incorporating elements of industrial, trap, and punk, the core of Malxolm’s music has always been his classic thrash indebted guitar work married to an innate sense of melody.


The guitarist’s latest solo effort “Bussdown” is a further step in that direction; an absolute earworm of a hook rides on top of his tube-driven guitar. There’s a pop sensibility at work contrasting the harder-edged guitar tone that blends into something totally uncategorizable and fresh. Malxolm explains to us that the single “is another step in the creative direction I’ve been exploring with my music. The song showcases my metal and trap/hip-hop influences merging.” Adding, “I wanted to maintain some of the menace of a metal frontman while also portraying this braggadocious character telling a story about the ‘fast life’ he’s indulging in with a female.”

Stream it on youtube or Spotify, and check out more from Malxolm and Unlocking The Truth at @unlockingthetruth