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lucky hbo, lucky us! jeremy o. harris signs new deal

March 3, 2020

Applause is in order for Jeremy O. Harris, who has signed a two-year deal with HBO in which he will develop a new pilot for the network as well as co-produce their highly successful teen drama series Euphoria. The Slave Play and Zola writer will also be given a discretionary fund to finance, enhance and produce theatrical projects by himself or others. 

Harris released a statement on this new venture, describing the opportunities and financial stability film and TV afford him whilst making clear the importance of using the help of the medium to aid in the preservation and advancement of theater for this generation. He explains, “To know that HBO also believed in that vision gives me immense hope for the future of both industries.” The theater lives on!

But, we already knew Harris was cool. From writing plays and making sure they’re accessible, to developing movie scripts, to his impressive improv when a Slave Play audience member went rogue on him, he is always pushing the conversation forward and consequently culture forward tackling complex subjects with humor, research and a caring touch. 

Even an interview with the artist can seem like a one-act play. Recently, Harris spoke with literary legend and fellow gallant artist (author and literary critic) Samuel Delany for The Paris Review. The interview was pearl-clutch inducing, liberal and free as can be. Without reservation, the two spoke Blackness, sex, queerness, kink, and their work. If you are just getting hip to Harris, the interview is a good reflection of him: fun, articulate as hell and fearless in its honesty. His longtime dream of having a conversation with Delany and reaching that goal is a testament to his good taste and dedication that has led him to powerful moments like these.