jd’s revenge lights up on new single “garzeeya vayguh”

March 11, 2020
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“They say my skin’s too black and my shell’s too tough
But I could give a fuck
They wanna tear me down but I raise me up”

There are some bands that belong in small DIY spaces and some that feel like anything other than an arena is insufficient. JD’s Revenge is definitely the latter kind of band. A hard rock and soul outfit whose sound calls back to the glory days of arena rock with a fresh radical edge. The riffs are enormous, the vocals are bigger, and they’ve found volcanoes on Mars that are roughly the same size as the drum fills.


On their latest single, “Garzeeya Vayguh,” the Chicago band sends up Garcia y Vega the iconic cigarillo-as-wrapping paper. It’s a song about needing an escape from the bullshit of being told your business by those who have no business sharing their opinion and no interest in listening. Singer Treneka Lenay channels her critics before dismissing them through the lyrics, each verse a new kiss-off. The band fine-tunes their epic three-part harmonies on the single, presenting a vocal wall of sound rare in hard rock that burns through the track right up until the final sigh.

For more, check out this video of Lenay and guitarist/composer Frankie Blaze discussing the inspiration behind the single:



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