community check-in: artist anarchistgalaxy rebuilds worlds

March 26, 2020

We asked our talented creative community to submit their work to our platform during these turbulent times.(EMAIL US:

We’ve received an influx of visual art, writing, spoken word, music, fashion and more so far! We look forward to sharing them throughout this quarantine period on and throughout our social channels.

We begin with Anarchist Galaxy, a visual artist whose work is devoted to the rebuilding of worlds.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I chose the name anarchistgalaxy for myself because I felt that my artwork, more than anything, was world-rebuilding. I create characters and planets, all living with their own rules and hopes and dreams. However they are all united under the same philosophy: nothing and no one is fixed. This world exists as a place beyond Earth and its regulations; technology and monsters coexist, there is no real authority, and anyone can be powerful, without being a threat.

Tell us about your style
I based my style around the things that made me think about my place in my own world, to the point where I considered creating another. Science fiction and horror are wonderful, but I knew that I, and other Black people, could be present and strong without dying first. Graffiti changed the way I viewed art, but wasn’t considered an art form for a long time, and at times still isn’t. I decided then, that in my world the places I couldn’t always go and the things that were overlooked on Earth, would embrace each other.

Please be sure to follow her work and inquire about pieces HERE.

Reaper & Sons Presents: “OH, THE HORROR!” Page 1 – “Refund.”

BREAKING: Astronaut #37137 (Code Name: Blinky) was seen in the form of a surveillance camera. Fare evaders and space travelers alike have called its presence “Threatening, yet endearing.” AstroWatch has been on red alert since.

#precious Kazpr’s a hoot, and he means well but…. done in digital ink –

BREAKING: UGH we finally found Astronaut #60377 (Code Name: Rocky or Reginald Rocky Esquire, whatever he feels like.) When questioned he replied “Bite Me” smiled with a mouth full of ice.

#clock Healthy reminder. Done in digital ink.