angelo moore takes on the homelessness crisis on ‘home free’

March 16, 2020
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While we wait with bated breath — some of us breathing under face masks — to see how the COVID-19 will affect our loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers, our society’s overlooked people remain highly at risk. I’m talking about the homeless population of people we see sleeping on NYC’s subway system, collected on LA’s Skid Row, and stepped over and around in starkly class-stratified places like San Francisco. Angelo Moore cares. The frontman of Fishbone has always had his creative mind on the human condition and now as “Dr. Madd Vibe” he turns our attention to America’s homelessness crisis with the new video “Home Free”.

Illustrating the plight of the homeless through the use of a fictional character in the zany animated and live-action visual, he shines a spotlight on capitalism’s hypocrisy: “Our hero is a skate punk named ‘Robin Hood Robbin’. He is driven by drug addiction and ‘not giving a fuck’ courage as he supplies stolen luxuries to his poor friends by robbing from the Establishment. Although he is a criminal, the real villains in the video are the politicians and corporations that are shown partying while robbing everybody.”

At a time like this, the message is crystal clear. Let Moore not only stoke your righteous class rage but also get you thinking about how you can help the less fortunate people in your community as we live through this coronavirus crisis.