anahata’s “destroy me” will have you starting a pit in your living room

March 25, 2020
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Since their explosive performance at the 2019 Brooklyn Battle of the Bands, Anahata has become one of our favorite heavy acts around here. Their saber sharp riffs and bone-rattling vocals that switch from a death growl to a hook in a moment’s notice keep this metalcore band in the sweet spot right on the edge of melodic hardcore territory. Their latest single “Destroy Me” is a precision tuned aural assault, perfect for these here end times. The exhilarating blast of fury catapults into greatness with a defiant lyric for right now: “I’ll breathe for one last scream.” Blast this one loud, and circle up and start a pit in your living room with your roomate, cat, mom, whatever. We’re not here to tell you how to live, just to remind you that if this is how we’re going out, there’s no reason to go quietly.

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