Christine Ciszczon


the twilite tone makes his stones throw debut with “space invaders”

February 5, 2020

Anthony Khan has lived many lives in his music career. Fans were first introduced to this multi-talented Chicagoan as “Ynot Never The Less,” the producer and sometimes rhymer who rolled with Common back in his “Common Sense” days. Behind the scenes in the decades since, The Twilite Tone as Khan is known, has cemented his rep as sought-after party DJ, a prolific producer for the likes of John Legend, Kanye West, Common, Pusha T, and Big Sean, and an artist in his own right. Lauded indie label Stones Throw has added The Twilite Tone to its roster and to announce his arrival he’s released a new track. On “Space Invaders,” Khan keeps it short, sweet and potent, serving up a minute and a half of a raucous drum beat with a contorting Moog bassline and strings and synth stabs for dramatic effect.

Inspired by the idea of both outer and interpersonal space, the track is an instrumental piece of social commentary meant to dispel “the myth that there is not enough room for everyone, or there are not enough resources in this world for all” — especially in this climate [where people are othered as] ‘aliens’ yet we are all indigenous to this planet. “Space Invaders” also refers to gentrification – “people from a colonizing point of view, new occupants moving into an established neighborhood, acting as if they discovered the area and as if the people there are not relevant or, worse, alien.” There’s space for all of us despite what they want you to believe.