harriet tubman meets django in post-civil war comic

February 25, 2020
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Turn back the time to an alternate-reality 1872! The Civil War has ended, but neither side has declared victory. With years of bloody conflict behind them, the North and the South have entered into a truce, which stipulates the formation of two nations: The Union States of America, where Black people are free, and the Confederate States of America, where Blacks are still enslaved.

This is where we meet slave-turned-bounty-hunter, Araminta Free who specializes in crossing the border into the Confederacy to liberate slaves. Once there, Free ruthlessly tracks down Confederate war criminals, which has resulted in her own large sum bounty. “When a group of Confederate Raiders illegally ventures deep into the Union to kidnap free Blacks and sell them into slavery, the stage is set for a deadly showdown between Araminta and the men who want her dead.”

The Hated is the latest comic series from award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and comic book writer, David F. Walker. Also the creator of the Bitter Root series, Walker has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Boom, and Dynamite.

Walker is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to publish the 40-page, full-color series, which features artwork by Sean Damien Hill with color by Shaun Struble and lettering by Becca Carey. Check it out, here.