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princess nokia announces two new albums; drops two singles

February 24, 2020
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We’ve always known that Princess Nokia has range. She’s done everything from straightforward New York-style hip-hop to emo in the six years since she released her first project Metallic Butterfly, but now the woman born Destiny Frasqueri is inviting us to delve even further into her duality (and all the shades between her extremes) by announcing two new albums dropping this week on February 26.

Titled Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Sucks, the names of her dual albums reflect her approach to their respective contents and subject matter. The first single from Everything Is Beautiful is “Green Eggs and Ham” a spring-ready, piano-driven track that finds Nokia singing of warm childhood memories like hitting the park and staying on the swings till nightfall. But don’t think our NYC-bred firebrand has gotten soft beneath her smile as she takes time to repeat “fuck these cops” three times in her verse to let you know they’re not the kind of ham she fucks with.


On “Practice” from Everything Sucks it’s back to hardcore rap as she talks her shit in true Princess Nokia style, proclaiming “I brought punk to Hip Hop!” And while that bold statement might be a point of contention for some fans, no one can knock Nokia for having the audacity to make that claim.

We’ll get a peek at how these songs sound and look live when Princess Nokia when she makes her late-night TV debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday (February 26). Nokia will embark on a 19-city European tour beginning in March and will return to the States to perform at Coachella and Governor’s Ball.