m.m. lafleur gives free clothes to womxn candidates

February 20, 2020

When Trump was elected, many people in many communities made promises to be intentional in their work to ensure a different outcome for 2020. So far, we have seen loads of people become vocal on socials and use their platforms for good. While all good and well, there is deep power in seeing people use their unique superpower to create change. Not everyone expresses social commentary or political opinions with words or in 280 characters. A genuine action can be more meaningful  than saying the “right words”, which can sometimes be more about the individual than community. 

Fashion brand M.M. LaFleur is a beautiful example of an organization using its skillset to reach out and do their part. They have vowed to lend clothes to any womxn running for office. Derived from a question they posed to their audience in 2016, Sarah LaFleur, founder and CEO of M.M. LaFleur told ELLE that they looked to their community to begin conversations about how they as womxn can help create a better future and specifically help future elections. While there are so many ways to support womxn candidates as they deal with fundraising, building their team, potential childcare setups, sexism in politics, and more, they also must deal with what to wear. This is an area in which M.M. LaFleur knew they could help. 

Understanding that many candidates who are womxn have a hard time selecting campaign outfits, M.M. LaFleur has decided to lend out free clothes to womxn who are running for public office. The brand has previously dressed candidates like Cynthia Nixon and Stephanie Murphy. In an instagram post explaining this program they explained that one candidate told them, “Wearing your clothes gave me one less thing to worry about and the ability to focus on delivering my message.”