Artwork by Malik Shabazz


‘how to draw black people’ by malik shabazz

February 17, 2020
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Written by comic book artist Malik Shabazz, How To Draw Black People is the seminal guide for illustrators of all backgrounds who draw Black characters. An interactive learning tool, the book aims to improve not only an artist’s understanding of design methods for Black characters, but to deepen their understanding of Black culture and identity. Shabazz, who is based out of L.A. poured love and respect for all walks of Black life into the project, using their talents as a visual artists to teach others to avoid tired and hurtful stereotypes and cliches in favor of learning new techniques for rendering dark skin, textured hair, drawing Afrocentric faces, and challenging limiting gender norms.

Employing step-by-step tutorials and challenging activists, How To Draw Black People is the ultimate guide for artists passionate and depicting diverse, an accurate world of characters based in our authentic culture, devoid of harmful tropes.

How To Draw Black People is available of Malik Shabazz’s site.