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‘hair love’ team brings teen suspended over locs to oscars

February 10, 2020
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When you uplift, it enables the uplifted to bring others along with them. Hair Love’s journey is a great example of an ecosystem that can empower those who have been marginalized. 

Hair Love won big in many ways at the 2020 Oscars last night. The film and its journey have hit a sweet spot with many, becoming a symbol for the power of modern day onscreen representation. Gaining notoriety on the internet, many of us have been on a journey with Hair Love that came to its rightful end after winning big at the Oscars under the category “Best Animated Short.” 

To sweeten the moment and add to the Hair Love team’s habit of turning something ugly (underrepresentation) into something beautiful (representation) they invited DeAndre Arnold, Black teenager who was not allowed to walk his graduation for refusal to cut his locs (ugly) to the Oscars where he was celebrated and surrounded by love (beautiful).

The film’s creators used their time on stage to discuss the Crown Act and its effort to ban race-based hair discrimination. Check out the full speech here!