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black existentialism is explored in this visionary short film

January 23, 2020
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SOULS is a visual exhibition, photographic experience and short film installation that explores the totality of morality — Blackness as an existential experience. Created by director, visual activist, philanthropist Malakai, SOULS is a multi-faceted Afrofuturistic tale that follows a young girl unable to deal with her grandmother’s deteriorating mental and physical health. Taking flight in her cardboard spaceship, she escapes her reality before her world comes crashing down.

SOULS was recently seen on exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum and will next be shown February 4 in partnership with the VISION & SOUND 2020 African American Experience curated by Norma Cunningham and the City of Glendale, CA. Additionally, there will be a live table read and performances by the film’s composer, Nigerian-American artist, Solu.

Tickets are limited, RSVP here.

SOULS – Teaser from Malakai on Vimeo.