travel through time on a mission to help harriet tubman

January 14, 2020
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Somewhere in a Maryland forest in 1848, Mimi has traveled through time to deliver a cache of guns to liberator Harriet Tubman.

The comedy, ‘Harry and the Thief’ follows Jeremy, a recent physics Ph.D, who has built a time machine in order to help Harriet Tubman free as many enslaved Blacks as possible. With plans to go all the way back to the antebellum South, Jeremy convinces Mimi, recently out of jail, to join him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Blending sci-fi with historical drama, writer Sigrid Gilmer presents a provocative and hilarious tale for the ages in this comedic play.

Presented by the NOLA Project, ‘Harry and the Theif’ will be running at the Contemporary Arts Center January 16-26.