the black tones takes us on an absurdist ride in “ghetto spaceship”

January 30, 2020
311 Picks

Twin indie rockers Eva and Cedric Walker imbue everything they do with passion and their own inimitable lo-fi charm. They first won our hearts with the antifascist side-scrolling video game for “They Want Us Dead” and their latest single adds to their unique talent for reminding us that punk rock is supposed to be fun, goddammit. “Ghetto Spaceship” comes from their debut full-length Cobain and Cornbread, and the video directed by AP fav Danny Denial ends up serving as a sort of origin story for the duo. Sonograms give way to microphones and then finally give birth to the dynamic indie rock duo while immaculately timed title cards push it all to ten. The best punk rock has always made a meal out of minimalism, and Danny and The Black Tones fill their tiny delivery room set with the same stripped-down joyfulness and drive that fuels their music. And anyway, who doesn’t love to watch a spaceship take off?


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