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solution sessions in joburg: angela davis, art & activism

January 2, 2020
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From a mass mobilization against femicide after the tragic death of Uyinene Mrwetyana, to demands for better access to education and jobs, South Africa has been a country churning with change of late. And at the forefront of that evolution are its young people. Far from the stereotype of the uninformed and the apathetic, Black youth in South Africa care about what’s happening in their nation and are eager to make change in their communities.

At this year’s AFROPUNK Joburg Solution Sessions, our third installment in South Africa, young people from all over the country gathered for two days of conversation about equality, advancing through entrepreneurship, and how Black feminism and critiques of capitalism can help us get free.

The iconic Angela Davis joined us on the final day for a powerful dialogue with feminist journalist Gail Smith. Davis looked back on her time spent in South Africa with Winnie and Nelson Mandela, and urged us to see the ways that issues impact Black folks globally, not just individually.

Her message to South Africa’s young people was to keep fighting — and never doubt that their actions can have an impact. Even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt to support a cause, or creating media, Davis reminded us that we all have a role in the fight for change.

When young Black creative people get together, we have the solutions right there in the room to take on some of our most pressing challenges. All we need are spaces to talk about them, spaces to connect, and spaces for healing.

Thank you South Africa for letting us once again bask in your magic.