hawa dials her lover’s heart on “iphone”

January 28, 2020

Loving relationships require trust — but trust is hard to give when you’ve been hurt before. On singer and rapper HAWA‘s latest track, “IPHONE,” the Berlin-born New Yorker aims to ease the fears of her girlfriend, cooing to her, “I know you’re scared/ I know you’re frightened but baby I will be there,” before breaking into a sing-rapped verse that shows the romance is as much Bonnie & Clyde as it is Romeo & Juliet. “See, I know you really fuck with a nigga/ You would even spray the block with a nigga, yeah/ She be checkin’ for the opps with ya nigga, yeah/ She don’t even give a fuck ’bout y’all niggas,  yeah.” The romantic, keyboard-driven track is produced by NYC indie-ground fixtures Tony Seltzer (fka Yung Gutted) and Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna.

“IPHONE” is an appetizer for HAWA’s upcoming EP, the ONE, which also features the production of HAWA’s chief collaborator Seltzer as well as Cadenza, Kashaka and Oscar Key Sung.

HAWA’s the ONE drops on “future-facing” indie label b4 in early March.