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artist drops must-see ‘star wars’ fan film

January 13, 2020
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may have left fans with a weird taste in their mouth, so cleanse your palette with a recent fan film by a 29-year-old motion designer from Trinidad and Tobago, Sekani Solomon. Produced under his own banner, Sekani Motion Design, Star Wars: The Last Stand is a visually epic reimagining of the combat readiness of Stormtroopers. Often portrayed as comically bad shooters and fighters even an unskilled resistance fighter could take them down. Not here. In SMD’s world, Stormtroopers are formidable, but battle-worn, opponents of an unseen enemy.

Clocking in at a little under 90 seconds, Sekani, who also directed the film, presents a gripping showcase that grabs you from the first frame. Immersing viewers in a high-octane battle Star Wars fans could only dream of, the short film is just as, if not more satisfying than the real deal.

Directed By: Sekani Solomon
Audio By: Echoic
Rigging: Martin Gunnarsson, Preston Gibson
Character Animation: David Lee, Sekani Solomon
Interface Design: Toros Kose
FX, Rendering, Animation, Composting: Sekani Solomon
Cinema 4d, Houdini, Nuke, Redshift, X-particles, Adobe Suite