“1999”-inspired clothes collection honors prince

January 9, 2020
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Where there is a Prince, there is a castle full of people who keep things running. Prince certainly had a team of creatives as talented as he to collaborate on and bring his visions to life. The musician’s legacy continues into the new decade, because his close collaborators continue to give us visions of the purple world Prince invited us into.

Recently, designers Cathy Robinson and Lori Marcuz, who created many of Prince’s legendary costumes, have debuted a fashion line called “His Royal Badness.” This exciting new collection is inspired by — and created just in time for — the highly anticipated Super Deluxe reissue of Prince’s 1999 album.

Robinson and Marcuz, the duo behind the Toronto brand Call & Response, worked with Prince from 2011 until his passing in 2016. Though they never met the artist, they formed a tight bond with the musician. So much so that the Prince estate has approved their work, and has been willing to help the designers launch this collection of hand-crafted custom jackets, hand-dyed tunics and vests exclusively for Prince fans. 

Check out the full line HERE.


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Honoured and excited to create this special capsule collection for The Prince Estate 💜 Thank you! #Repost @prince ・・・ Following the highly anticipated Super Deluxe reissue of #Prince1999, The Prince Estate has commissioned the Toronto design duo Call & Response to create an evocative, hand-crafted collection of custom jackets, vests and hand-dyed tunics exclusively for Prince’s fans. • Starting in the early 2010s, as Prince’s music morphed into a rawer, more rock-oriented blues sound, he started wearing an evolving collection of textured, distressed jackets that resembled the ’60s wardrobes of Jimi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone. • Though the public didn’t know it at the time, these striking jackets were a signature creation of @callandresponseclothing, who outfitted Prince in countless pieces from 2011-2016 — from his incendiary HITNRUN shows with 3RDEYEGIRL to the #GRAMMYS, @fallontonight and @nbcsnl. • • “It was like being in the middle of a creative maelstrom,” remembers Cathy Robinson, who runs Call & Response with fellow designer Lori Marcuz. “There were no mood boards, no story lines, just raw visceral design.” • With all of the excitement surrounding the expanded reissue of 1999, Cathy and Lori were honored to continue to create new pieces based on their profound creative connection to Prince and their appreciation of his 1999 era. • The pieces evoke some of Prince’s trademark fashion elements from the era—including his famous shiny, studded purple trench coat—but are updated with Call & Response’s attention to textured fabrics, overlays, and detail. • See the full line of Call & Response’s 1999 designs here:

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