solange plays fallon: spoiler alert, she has a mic lasso

December 3, 2019
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When Solange uses the words “very very special performance” as she did in an Instagram post signaling her presentation on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you stop what you’re doing, find an empty space, and scream into the void. Every Solange performance is special — done with care and attention to detail like not many others can do. There is so much more to what Solange does than just her vocal magic, her records serve as just one part of an entire family of masterful expression she has to offer with each era she creates. Better than explaining, you must listen to the melodic sounds and watch the movements of joyful freedom by Solange and Co.

As YouTube user “Simple Jack” said in the comments, “Solange so gracious allowing Fallon to open for her.” 

We are looking so forward to having this energy close the chapter on the 2010’s and send us off into the new decade this New Years at AFROPUNK Joburg.