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2019: bored on the holidays? six must-see shows to binge

December 24, 2019

Tis the season, and with it comes a whole lot of streaming. Whether you’re watching alone, watching with loved ones, or watching alone to hide from your loved ones, there is a show for everyone. Here are some shows to get you through the last few days of the decade. Join us on this binge, will you?

The Good Place
The holiday season can have you in your existential feelings, so why not lean into it? The Good Place is on its final season (sad) but it has been one funny, hell of a ride (good). The philosophical comedy takes place in the afterlife, and begs the question, can human beings get better? Usually my answer is yes, but when I see the way I behave at home for the holidays, I begin to question that.

This show is honestly hilarious and irregular. Not to mention the fate of mankind relies on a Black Senegalese man.

The Morning Show
Honestly, this show is fascinating. It is an in-depth look into the #MeToo movement and all the power dynamics behind it. While the show faces are Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon, the Black supporting characters really breathe life into the series. I find the The Morning Show to be a good group watch because it prompts necessary discourse whether or not you agree with each situation portrayed. So far, the show is well thought out and pays mind to many different perspectives, as good shows should. 

This is a review about a show I’ve only seen two episodes of. Please don’t yell at me for my tardiness, trust me I feel immense shame already. Starring the badass Regina King, this show is situated in the world created in the graphic novel, set in a dystopian present and extremest society where masked vigilantes are criminalized by the government. Though I’m told the viewer is lost for the most part until the last episode, it remains a riverting must-watch throughout the journey. 

To many parents this show is a horror story, but to others it gives us life. Euphoria is a binge-ready series, diverse in cast and experiences. It is the progressive lovechild of Skins and Degrassi. The ensemble cast show features superstar Zendaya, who gives heartbreaking performances all season!

Tuca & Bertie
Sadly cancelled by Netflix, this one season series is a feel-good holiday watch. As you take time to recover from day to day life during the momentary break, I recommend this sweet, sensitive show. The adult cartoon that stars two women of color, Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, shows two women (well, birds) who do not have their shit together. They embrace this and spend the series finding their way. 

A Black Lady Sketch Show

Sketch shows are always the right decision. Supporting talented Black women while you die of laughter is an even better decision. This is a great show to watch with loved ones during this holiday break.