afropunk joburg is cashless: learn more now!

December 23, 2019

We’re going cashless again this year! What does that mean? It means all bars, market vendors, and food vendors will be using our cashless system via Howler. So, make sure to add some rand on your wristband! ‘Topup’ online before the event using a credit card or EFT.

Please read the following carefully and to its entirety!

How to load some Rand to your wristband: 
Step 1: Sign up here and click “Topup” within My Wallet. Howler finds all your tickets using your email address, if you can’t see your ticket, simply add the relevant email address in My Account. Alternatively, you can manually enter the ticket barcode number. You can pay using card or EFT and your credits will reflect on the ticket.

Step 2: These credits will be applied to your cashless card or wristband when you arrive at the event. The more that you load at once, the less you’ll miss out — any leftover money can be cashed out online (sometimes a small fee may apply). To avoid having to keep visiting a top-up station, we suggest topping up what you’ve budgeted to spend at the event from the get-go.

Step 3: Tap your card or wristband to pay at any bar, merchandise, or food trader to instantly complete your transaction. No pin, no incorrect charge, no cash needed.

Please note there is a one-time R10 fee for cashless RFID wristbands. This will be deducted from monies added to the card. 

You will receive your wristband at the Box Office on site, day of. If you’re not able to add money to your RFID wristband before fest, don’t worry! There will be Howler stations on site grounds (one in front as soon as you enter)!

Again, this festival is absolutely cashless. There will be no ATMs on site, and vendors will not be accepting cash or credit cards. See you soon, Joburg!

Hold up! What if I have money left over after fest?
No worries! As stated in Step 2, you can visit Howler’s website and cashout your un-spent funds. They’ll go straight into your bank account within 5 working days. (Or, you can enable auto-cashout if you’ve topped up online to get your money even faster).