tyler, the creator is musical innovator of the year

November 8, 2019
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This past week the Wall Street Journal Innovators Awards celebrated Tyler, The Creator. Along with gracing the cover he was presented with an award for musical innovator of the year. To fans this is an honor long  deserved.


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WALL STREET JOURNAL: music innovator of the year

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Tyler was presented his award at the ceremony this week by his friend, collaborator, and fellow artist A$AP Rocky. Rocky described Tyler as more than a musician — which he is to most of us. He is someone with great presence and influence all across the board. Tyler continues to be an exciting voice in not just music but film, fashion, comedy and more.

Tyler describes his life and the relationship people throughout his life have had to him and his art as one of a stepchild; he was always a part of the family but never fully accepted. Though there were many attempts to discourage him from honest creative expression in his life with people calling him “too hyper” or not allowing him to join band in high school because of his inability to read music, Tyler never let it stop him. Learning from the innovators of his life (artists like Pharrell, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Kanye West, etc.) he developed a fuck-what-they-say, do-what-feels-right attitude for his life and art. It’s important for iconicn artists like Tyler who has helped in shaping confidence for a whole generation of people to finally being awarded for it. He even ended his speech with, “Wall Street Journal finally made it feel like the family celebrated my birthday. So thank you.”