the classic punk energy of slowthai’s “deal wiv it”

November 15, 2019

Slowthai is quickly becoming a favorite around these parts. His recent collaborations with Denzel Curry and Tyler the Creator found the MC from the East Midlands town of Northampton consistently stealing the spotlight from his American counterparts. Slowthai does the same on “Deal Wiv It,” his latest single with superstar UK producer Mura Masa, channeling his inner Steve Ignorant while handing in a track that is the spiritual heir to Crass’ all-time classic “So What?”

With Mura Masa’s driving production underpinning verses that take aim at gentrification, inequality and the complacency of childhood friends, Slowthai tosses off calls to “fucking deal wiv it,” which become  anthemic for anyone too knee-deep in the bullshit of the world to have time for the petty complaints of others. And Yoni Lappin’s slow pan of a video through a British council estate only drives the point home.

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