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meet the joburg finalists: raspy

November 26, 2019
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On Saturday, November 30th, four acts will perform at the AFROPUNK Joburg Battle of the Bands Finals, at the Up Pops AFROPUNK space in Braamfontein.

Grand Prize at the Battle of the Bands is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the star-studded, line-up of the 2019 AFROPUNK Joburg, at Constitution Hill, on December 30th and 31st. But the Battle of the Bands is not only an opportunity for a big break most musicians seek throughout their careers; it’s also an occasion for South African (and southern African) artists to showcase their music, their creative spirit and their artistry to the AFROPUNK audience. So this week, we’re spotlighting all the finalists, asking them questions about who they are and what this moment means to them.

First up is Raspy, Thandolwethu Ndlovu, a self-identifying “Zulu God Fearing Gangster living in Johannesburg,” who mixes rap cadences with her soulful singing, to make thoughtful and unique music. Read on.

What is you name, your age, and the instrument(s) that you play?

My name is Thandolwethu Ndlovu, but most people call me Raspy. I never tell people my age for really personal reasons, but with time the people will know. I taught myself how to play the piano; I’m not the best but I’m on my way.

Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in KwaZulu Natal, Empangeni.

What are your favorite things about where you are from?

What I love about where I’m from is that people have respect for one another, and also love. It’s a small town but people there don’t believe in limits. Where I’m from, people are supportive too. It’s really great how you are never really alone.

Give us a short description of the kind of music you make.

I never know how to answer this. But I make music for those in love, for those who are hurting, those who have given up, I make music that caters to humans and whatever their situations are. I make relatable music. Good music.

If there was one or two core thoughts/ideas that you want your music to convey, what are they?

I want my music to convey life. In every aspect. I want my music to be the epitome of life. (LOL – this makes sense to me though.)

What are your musical dreams and aspirations? Not fame-wise, but creatively. What do you think you can do with music?

I wish to reach out to so many souls. I want to connect to people without them knowing my name or face or story, you know. I just wanna make good music and I wanna have people thinking everything is gonna be okay, because they found reassurance in my music. I wanna touch souls. I want to be like a Soul Whisperer kinda thing, you know.

Name one artist that you would like to collaborate with? What do you think that collaboration would sound like?

Wow…just one?? This is difficult. But Miguel has to be that one artist. I dig Miguel’s music. I think our collaboration would sound like Sugar and Spice and everything nice. I can’t even begin to explain..

What are you most looking forward to if you win the Battle of the Bands? What do yo think winning could do for you?

I’m looking forward to pushing myself as an artist, you know? If I win, I know many more doors will be open for me. It’s a Universe thing though: if I make it or not, I still think doors will be opened for me.

Anything else you want to say to the AFROPUNK audience as a way of introduction?

Yo, this thing of sitting and telling people you have dreams isn’t enough. Stand up and go get what’s yours🦋 Talent might get you to a stage but determination will keep you there.

Go support Raspy at the AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands Joburg 2019 Finals, at Up Pops Afropunk in Braamfontein, on Saturday, November 30th.