Victoria Sanders


hxlt reps for the underdogs in his “youth attack” video

November 14, 2019

For years, Nigel Holt has seen the future. The ever-evolving artist known as HXLT is an OG Afro-punk and pillar of Chicago’s cultural scene who, at different phases, has been a dancer, a rapper, a punk, and a producer— influencing his community to go forth with him. From the Cool Kids to Kanye, and from Virgil Alboh to Vic Mensa, Chi-Town’s luminaries can vouch for HXLT’s forward-thinking expression.

His sophomore LP, Bloom From Doom, dropped this summer, but now he’s delivered the dramatic visuals for one of the album’s most powerful songs, “Youth Attack.” Recounting the experience of a young Black kid who is alienated by society and even his peers, the song is a call to rebellion and an affirmation of one’s existence — no matter how out of place you might feel.