earl sweatshirt finds some peace in “east”

November 1, 2019

Earl Sweatshirt fans understand him well enough to know he only releases when he is good and ready to. Oftentimes this means a few years gap in between his always anticipated projects. After releasing a record, Some Rap Songs,  nearly a year go, fans assumed it would be a while until his next drop. As we’ve learned to do, we savored the project and understood Earl would reappear when he was ready. Luckily for us, 11 months later he’s back with a new EP titled, FEET OF CLAY.

A lot of Earl’s fans grew up with him. We learned and continue to learn ourselves, as he does. He has become a close friend to many on our individual journeys into adulthood. The overwhelming need to make sure he is OK and the respect his audience has to give him space when he needs it are a testament to him.

You can tell a lot about an artist’s impact by their YouTube comment section. Earl’s comments on his new music video released today, “EAST,” are a balance of good-natured in-jokes (pirates anyone?) and words of support and encouragement that could only come from someone who loves you dearly. It’s not often you see people so happy for another’s wellbeing with comments about how Earl smiling is a huge victory not just for him, but for those who support him. 

Sweatshirt’s new music video is set on a sunny day by the water with rapper friends MIKE and Maxo. The video is low concept in juxtaposition to a song that is lyrically complex in signature Earl fashion. The visuals are simple, the most important takeaway being the good time Sweatshirt has found and immersed himself in. He seems to have embarked on the path to healing with tools like loved ones, nature, a good blunt, and a Corona on his carry on.