Nicol Biesek


watch chika kick game in “can’t explain it” clip

November 26, 2019
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I’m a sucker for a good hip-hop love song. Ever since the first time I heard “Bonita Applebum” there’s been a special place in my heart for rappers showing their softer side and flirting with the objects of their affections in the sweetest ways possible.

In the ’90s sitcom-inspired visuals for “Can’t Explain,” Chika adds her take to this tradition of romantic rap. Rockin’ Dwayne Wayne-style glasses while the girl she courts wears a ‘fit straight out of Hilary Banks Collection. Chika makes it clear that though she met her love interest at a party she’s less looking for thrills and more looking for something real, not fly-by-night. Take note of how she says all the right things and step your game up, too.