Devin Alen


afropunk mixtape #059: revolutionary

November 4, 2019
80 Picks

In a world committed to stamping out everything that doesn’t conform or submit, existence is rebellion, and thriving is revolutionary. Our community is a million revolutions per minute, evidenced by the wide array of talents on display. From the fire and brimstone shouts of Algiers and the laid-back longing of Frank Ocean and Mahalia, to the post-hardcore fury of Anahata and Moor Mother’s kaleidoscopic introspection, this month’s mixtape is a testament to our revolutionary fervor.

01. Algiers – Disposession
02. Dazz & Brie – Darlene
03. Son Little – Skid
04. Interlude (Moor Mother, 2018)
05. Moor Mother – The Myth Hold Weight
06. Wild Black – Moon Star Lover
07. The Illustrious Blacks – The Void (Let the Music Set U Free)
08. Hello Yello – Lifeguard
09. Frank Ocean – DHL
10. Mahalia – What You Did
11. Interlude (Anahata, 2019)
12. Anahata – Breathe / Bleed
13. Danny Denial – White Tears Fake Queers
14. Interlude (Troi Irons, 2019)
15. Troi Irons – Strangers

Image by Devin Allen

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