Marc Lemoine


son little casts a powerful spell on new ‘invisible’ ep

October 11, 2019

The magic at the heart of Son Little‘s music is the way so many of his songs could be standards, but none of them could have come from anyone else. For his latest EP, Invisible, the Philly singer-guitarist draws from the same page of once-and-future-soul that’s characterized his best work, coloring in the margins with unexpected twists and turns. Anchored by the standout lead single “Hey Rose,” Invisible is full of impressive guitar work that’s equal parts blues and alt-rock, full of effortless hooks.

From the regretful cover of love’s nearly-lost “Skid,” wondering what the hell happened to someone who was “not really a friend,” to the 6/8 shuffle of “About Her Again,” wondering what the hell happened to someone who was much more than a friend, Invisible finds Son Little in an introspective space. While “Hey Rose” will likely get the most attention, the haunting “I’m a Builder” is the song that will stay with you for days. Its flamenco guitars and halting rhythms create tension beneath Little’s achingly honest vocal performance. “Oh I’m a builder / And a wizard, at that,” he sings over its enigmatic character. A wizard indeed. This EP casts a hell of a spell.