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sofa king evil: an afropunk dj mix

October 4, 2019

Sofa King Evil comes to party, and you’re either with him or looking for the door. The Atlanta native’s DJ game is rooted in the old-school hip-hop style of ones and twos — though King’s mixing dexterity is such that you might as well add a three-style in there. And his ear is, gloriously, all over the club-music map, which is how this mix Sofa King Evil made for us ahead of his appearance at the AFROPUNK Carnival of Consciousness in Atlanta can move from soca to Crime Mobb to “Bombs Over Baghdad” without a blink.

Sofa King Evil (né Theo Celeste) is a staple on ATL’s club scene, where he’s made his rep throwing parties like “Sloppy Seconds” and “Down ‘N Durty” when he’s not instructing budding DJs at Scratch DJ Academy. We asked him how and why he does what he does.

Can you identify some of the music on the mix? What does the music mean/represent for you?

I like taking songs from different eras and making it all work. You’ll hear a lil’ bit of jazz, some samples from TV and movies, house music, rap/trap/snap, some dancehall, all sorts of dance music, and lots of bass — really, anything to keep you moving. I like to keep a good pace and have people bouncing off the walls.

How did you first get into DJing, and who are some of your DJing influences?

I first got into DJing when I was still in high school. One of my classmates was a breakbeat/trance DJ. I went over to his house one day after school, played with the turntables and followed him around town to gigs carrying gear and records just to learn the craft. Now here I am today still DJing. My influences include DJ Jelly, Assault, Icey, Craze, Klever, and everyone who has ever done a Red Bull 3style set.

What kind of music do you want to or expect to play at AFROPUNK?

I like to read and react to the crowd. I play everything, so expect everything under the sun.

What are you most looking forward to at AFROPUNK’s Carnival of Consciousness in ATL?

I’m looking forward to seeing the people, this festival is about the people and how they express themselves. It’s awesome to see everyone’s creativity on display, the music is like a cherry on top. I’ve been a part of every AFROPUNK in Atlanta, and every year it’s just keeps growing.

What does the phrase “We See You” mean to you?

It’s about recognition, understanding and accepting.

Go see Sofa King Evil at AFROPUNK’s Carnival of Consciousness in Atlanta On Sunday, October 13th.