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October 4, 2019
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This month is dedicated to the visual artists who inspire us and have shown up and out in the past few years. We all know the rule, with hard — or in this case, bizarro, depressing — times comes exceptional art. Of course, the world we were born into bred artists just as complicated and exciting. Here we are, young but grown with visions and thoughts we have to share with the world. This series hopes to serve as a platform for some of the extremely deserving visual artists of our time. These are emerging artists you may not know (yet), but will want to.

Our first interview is with artist Mwinga Kabunda Sinjela, but you can call him Ingy.

Artist name: Ingy (Mwinga Kabunda Sinjela)

Artist Age: 23

Art Medium: Multidisciplinary visual artist (paint, inks, gouache, markers, fabric, film)

Where are you from? Zambia/New York

Where are you based? NYC

Let’s say you’re given unlimited funds to throw an art show, what does it look like?

My dream show is an all out multicultural BANGER that takes place somewhere along the Zambezi River in Zambia. To name a few things, it consists of art on display, live music performances by my extremely talented friends, and a marketplace showcasing local artisans. And roller skating. Think the rave episode of “Samurai Jack,” meets Beyoncé’s “Blow” music video, meets Afrofuturism.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find it everywhere. In the people I love, and in the places I go. I process my life and the ongoing changes in myself through my work. Animation and music also mean a lot to me. I can say for sure that I get some of my best ideas by seeing the things that other artists make possible. I wouldn’t be the artist that I am without the art that I eat every day.

What do you listen to while you’re making art?

Again, Everything. Paramore? Yes. Prince? Yes. Missy Elliott followed by some calm Soundcloud mixes? Yes, ma’am. I love listening to stuff I used to listen to, I love putting on an album I’ve never heard before or an album that just came out and playing it right on through while I work. I like music that puts me in a mindset to do what I’m doing while I’m doing it.

Dream collaborator?

There are too many to name but right now at this moment? Tierra Whack.

Our theme this year at AFROPUNK is “we see you” What does “we see you” mean to you?

“We see you” to me means validation. It means real recognize real. It means “Okay, I’m here in this life and you’re here in this life and we do a lot of things differently, but we can exist and make the most of this time together.”

If you could give anyone in the world one of your works who would you give it to? Why?

I’m a Gemini (represent) and this question stresses me out!! There are too many and it changes day to day. Which also works out because I want my art everywhere. I’d give a piece to Michelle Obama. I’d give a piece to my Mama. I’d give a piece to every cast and crew member of Avatar the Last Airbender. You get my work! You get my work! Everybody gets my wooooorrkkk!!

You can find Ingy’s work on his Instagram @monkbreath and website soon come!



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