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#afropunkweseeyou: guitar gabby

October 9, 2019
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Name: GuitarGabby

IG: @guitargabby

Occupation: Music Manager (TxLips and Dara Carter), Lawyer, Nonprofit, Lead guitarist and vocalist The TxLips Band

Age: 27

Star Sign: Aries

What inspired you to form an all womxn rock band?
My desire to see more Black womxn in the music industry (specifically in rock n roll). I wanted to see more of us moving at our own pace, under our own business and hustle. I wanted to create a platform where I was able to elevate and help other amazing womxn do things they didn’t know or weren’t sure they could do because of societal standards.

How does it feel to be a Black woman rock guitarist? 
It feels amazing! I feel like I am carrying the torch of other amazing Black womxn that came before me, like Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I feel it’s my turn to stand in my lane in this new age of the music industry and continue the work needed for young girls in the future.

Why is it important for the Black community to support each other in creating a Black future? 
Because we are all we have. We must support each other and help hold those in our communities and circles accountable for the dreams and desires that they have. The ladies of TxLips do this and we are continuing to grow in each of our lanes as solo artists in addition to being a band.

What does We See You mean to you? 
We See You means that I am seen. That I am acknowledged and appreciated and am not taken for granted. Knowing that you are seen can change a lot in your life and desire to pursue goals and dreams.