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fat girl sex: f*ck yeah, period sex

October 3, 2019
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Twice in a row, I had bled on my new lover. My new, extremely handsome, well-hung, best-sex-of-my-life lover. The cutie I was trying to impress with my WiLd sexy-time skills and prestige, pornstar-like vagina.

“You’re bleeding.”

I froze. Fuck. Embarrassed, I immediately shut my legs as he reached for the towel.

“I’m sorry.” He asked why I was sorry. My goofy-ass didn’t know.

When I saw Salty Magazine’s gorgeous series on period sex, I immediately regretted not taking pictures of the bloody sheets I had just washed. Splatters of crimsons, bloody handprints and smears colored my white moon-patterned bed sheets. Markers in time of the passionate exchanges me and my new lover had that night. Shout out to the streak of blood on my wall.

After the cringe factor melted away, period sex with this new dude was actually…really sexy.

You haven’t had amazing sex until you’ve been underneath someone who cherishes and accepts all of your lumps, bumps, shapes, sounds, and smells. As a woman of a certain size and also a vagina, so much of my sexuality is performative and built on the mythology that pussies are supposed to be perfumed, dainty, flesh flowers, ready for penetration. God forbid my petals be “too” long and visible or I forgot to trim down my weeds and unruly vegetation. As a woman, what’s between our legs is only presentable when our garden is pristine.

So, when a…gardener unafraid of the elements required to make a bud blossom enters the garden, you might find that this is what it takes to channel your purist, most empowered sexual self.

Hands down the best sex I’ve ever had is the most physically intimate sex. My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack. Great lovers aren’t afraid to go there. And while this isn’t to shame those who prefer a tamer, more sterile sex life. It is to say that a generous, giving, and accepting partner can alter the way one sees and embraces their own body. And embracing the fact that my body menstruates — and that mensuration is a natural part of possessing a uterus — is one of the sexiest dynamics I’ve experienced as a grown woman.

If the sexual intimacy factor isn’t enough to persuade you to give it a go, period sex actually feels amazing. Not only is menstrual fluid a natural lubricant, orgasms and other feel-good sensations can actually mitigate cramps and abdominal pains associated with periods. Getting nasty with your boo helps to release oxytocin and dopamine, which make you feel good all around. Not only that, but period sex might even shorten the duration of your remaining flow. Issa win-win, y’all, I swear.

Now, look. Period sex isn’t the end-all-be-all of great sex. Sometimes I don’t even want to touch myself when I’m menstruating. But that’s the magic of period sex — someone seeing you in your complete, human messiness and still being so drawn in by you that blood be damned.

So, don’t be embarrassed. Spread those legs — just don’t forget to bring a towel.