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channel tres remixes tyler, the creator’s “earfquake”

October 7, 2019

Odd Future alum Frank Ocean says he’s looking to dance music for inspiration but his friend Tyler, The Creator has beaten him to the punch by dropping a song in that vein with the bright and bouncy Channel Tres remix to the lovesick hit “EARFQUAKE” —

This is the first time Tyler’s ever released an official remix of his music and Channel’s dancefloor-ready house remix features handclaps and shakers for percussion, the pitched-up refrain of the original song sans the verses, a thumping bassline, and a smooth sax solo. Clocking in at just under 3:48 it feels much shorter than it really is and its groove here lends itself to immediate replay. Give the track (above) a listen and see if you can resist the urge to dance yourself.