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afropunk atl: bites&beats, delights by dawn

October 1, 2019

After watching your favorite artist play, or catching your breath after an extreme mosh pit workout, your next move is to probably nourish your body. Our Bites&Beats market is where you’ll find all your dietary options. We interviewed some of our fave eateries that will be at AFROPUNK Atlanta this year. Get your wallets ready!

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Dawn Belisle and I am originally from Brookyln, New York, but my family is from Belize.

Describe what you do and what type of cuisine you specialize in?
I am a lawyer turned baker and I specialize in alcohol-infused cakes, cupcakes and other desserts.

When was your “I gotta turn this into a business” moment?
My “ah-ha” moment to do the baking business full-time was when I secured a contract with the Georgia Dome in 2014 to sell my products at all the Atlanta Falcons homegames.

Define success.
Success is accomplishing the goals, lifestyle or dreams “YOU” want for yourself and not what “society” deems as the meaning of success. For each person that can look different.

What should fest-goers try on your menu?
Any of the alcohol-infused cupcake flavors we will offer. We will have more than one flavor.