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viral sensations: zoie

September 19, 2019

You may recognize them from a meme saved in your camera roll or their content shared on your timeline. This month, we’re highlighting some of our fave viral sensations killing it on social media. These are the Black creatives breaking, curating, and shaping viral culture today.

Name: Zoie
Pronouns: He/him
Follow @: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat
Star sign: Gemini

How has life changed since you’ve gone viral?
I don’t think I’m viral, that DIES down. I’m LOVED and ADORED by MANY. So I’d say my life has changed because people are able to see who I’ve always been but now I get paid for it.

Do you think fame is fragile?
Yes! You have to be careful what you do and say, also be mindful of the situations you get yourself in because the wrong choices can make or break you.

What meme was your reaction when your first video went viral (and tell us the story behind creating it)?
I’d have to say Marsai Martins BET AWARDS reaction. My first video was back on Vine in 2015 the “I can speak Cat vine.” It was basically me speaking about a incident where I thought I was able to speak to a random cat that was meowing back at me every time I finished my “cat sentence.”

What advice would you give to a young Black creative, that you wish you were given while on the come up?
START NOW! BE consistent! CREATE WHAT YOU LIKE, BE YOU! and don’t try to be the next person.

What’s the emotional charge you get from posting your content and watching it go viral?
It’s a joyful feeling to know people appreciate what you do and create.