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viral sensations: jay versace

September 4, 2019
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You may recognize them from a meme saved in your camera roll or their content shared on your timeline. This month, we’re highlighting some of our fave viral sensations killing it on social media. These are the Black creatives breaking, curating, and shaping viral culture today.

Name: Jay Versace
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Follow @: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Star sign:  Aquarius

How do you describe what you do?
I am known for funny videos, but I consider myself multi-talented. I produce music, fashion, art, I act, sing, I dance, and I am a spiritual adviser to a lot of people!

How has life changed since you’ve gone viral?
Not only has life manifested a platform where my voice has been able to been heard, I’ve also changed as a person and am now able to use the support and love to open up new dynamics that I never knew existed within me.

What was your reaction when your first video went viral?
I actually don’t remember the first time I went viral, but I can imagine I was scared of my mom finding out because I wasn’t supposed to be cussing.

Do you feel like your content has been copied by mainstream influencers or social platforms?
I definitely feel like higher platforms and fellow influencers have gotten a little too inspired by my content, but then I have to realize my thoughts and possessions don’t belong to me. I’m borrowing them. So now I try to work around that in ways I can benefit off of my content instead of giving people free ideas and receiving nothing.

What advice would you give to a young Black creative, that you wish you were given while on the come-up?
Stick to what you started with that makes you happy and do not conform to any standard a audience will set you to once you receive success for it. Be consistent, but do not keep doing the same thing for years and years. Experiment with your thoughts and try different creative things and success will stick.

What’s the emotional charge you get from posting your content and watching it go viral?
It’s a feeling of relief to know that my choice of words or actions contributed towards the entertainment of millions of people. I feel like I’m one step towards possibly being seen by people who will help me create on higher platforms. That’s the end goal. Creative freedom and production privileges. But you have to show that you want those privileges so that’s why making videos is the blueprint for that.

Tell us your process to creating and producing your craft?
When it comes to music I usually listen to something that inspires me and then either play with some samples that has that same energy or play the keys on the piano. After that, I usually come up with something completely different, but with the same feeling.

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