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video premiere: bebi monsuta “brazilian sound” feat. abronca

September 12, 2019
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Manami Mao and Akira Ayane don’t just want you to move your body — they want you to love it too. The New York City-bred sisters, collectively known as Bebi Monsuta (roughly “baby monsters” in Japanese), are making their debut on  4AD’s sister label b4 with “Brazilian Sound,” a dance song with international appeal and diasporic connections via its bailé funk-meets-R&B beat and a guest appearance from Brazilian girl group ABRONCA.

“Brazilian Sound” and its Morian Thomas-directed video are an introduction to their sound and sensuality as well as a statement about the ownership of one’s body. Lyrics like “They can’t handle my winin’ at di party/ but I won’t hide the elements of my body” speak to the themes of agency and body positivity that lie beneath the song’s jubilant party vibe. “We want everyone to feel that exact way when they hear the song and see the visuals and feel as though they can see themselves,” they say.