princess nokia is the “sugar honey iced tea” and you are too

September 16, 2019

We’ve known her as “Wavy,” and we’ve explored her “BRUJA“ and “TOMBOY“ sides, and now we’re getting a new version of the ever-evolving Princess Nokia as empowering pop star. On “Sugar Honey Iced Tea,” Nokia addresses her naysayers by affirming her impact on music and culture — reminding us that she was on her feminist bruja genre-hopping Afro-Latinx womxn shit EARLY.

In what is likely the glossiest video she’s ever done, we get Nokia subverting the outdated concept of a beauty pageant in all of her rebel glam girl glory with rapper Malibu Miitch at her side. Nokia is the “sugar honey iced tea” not because other people say she is but because she innately knows she is. The video is an affirmation of self meant to inspire young girls and women to carry the same self-sustained confidence as she does.