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afropunk soldier of the day: mijori goodwin

September 19, 2019
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AFROPUNK ARMY is the central hub for volunteering, social justice, awareness and action. AP ARMY acts as a catalyst for social movements and organizations tackling critical issues dismantling our communities globally.

Name: Mijori Goodwin
Age: 23
Pronouns: She/her/hers
City: Elmont
Follow @: @iammijori
3 hashtags that describe you: #soul #truth #healing
Name one of your hidden talents or secret skills that no one would ever guess you had? I sing, illustrate, design tattoos and am a graphic designer.
What does AFROPUNK mean to you? Everything.
What does #WESEEYOU mean to you? It means appreciation and acceptance.
What was your last revolutionary act? Volunteering for AFROPUNK Brooklyn.
What or who do you fight for? Why? I fight for those who don’t have a voice of their own and have not yet found the strength within themselves to do the impossible. I know what it feels like to think of yourself as less than or unworthy of everything. I want to be the healing for others that I needed when I was little.
When Mercury is in reggaeton, how do you protect your peace? I re-assess, re-engage, and take care of what my soul needs so that when Mercury stops with their NONSENSE, I’m not in pieces when things go back to normal.
What does being unapologetically Black mean to you? Being myself. Being happy with who I am and living my truth regardless of what society prescribes how I should be and act.
Describe your journey with AFROPUNK. How have you used AP as a microphone for your passions, interests and/or service? I was able to have conversations with some of the artists who performed and network with those I volunteered with. I was able to understand what goes on behind the scenes during shows and during festivals like this. I moreso look forward to the day I’m performing on a big stage like one of the ones at AFROPUNK. I was able to bump into someone who I performed for very close to the weekend of AFROPUNK and was given validation for what I write and what I sing. (I CRIED BACKSTAGE)
When do you feel the most visible? During open-minded and engagingly passionate conversations.
Who is your favorite woman in herstory–past or present? I don’t have ONE favorite. I have SO many that I look up to that make me say to myself,”I can do this if she can.” “If she made it, I can make it”. Some of my favorites are Janelle Monaé, Ella Fitzgerald, Harriet Tubman, Lalah Hathaway, Jill Scott, Chika, Tierra Whack, Noname Gypsy, Lauryn Hill, Phylis Hyman, Amel Larrieux— Just to name a TINY few. Picking one is IMPOSSIBLE
What does having access/a seat at the table mean to you? Being heard and recognized as someone whose ideas and words are just as important as the person next to me.
If you could have a conversation with any Black figure, who would it be and why? JUST ONE?! Uh. Stevie Wonder or Quincy Jones
How has art helped you heal? It’s given me an example of what can be created and what roads I can take/make as an artist trying to make a name for myself. It’s made me feel like I could do anything.
What does a safer space look like to you? A safer space looks more like a piece of heaven to me. Where no one judges who you are and is inclusive, inviting, appreciative, humorous and passionately engaging and understanding.