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afropunk atl: spinthrift market, cocolene natural & organic skincare

September 26, 2019

Our merchants are the heart of the festival — besides the poppin’ bands and artists, of course. Each one has a particular story that makes their craft meaningful and unique. We interviewed some of our fave brands that will be at AFROPUNK Atlanta this year. Get your wallets ready!

What is your name and where are you from?
I am Jamila and I am a Miami native based in New York. Cocolene Natural & Organic Skincare’s lab is based in Raleigh, North Carolina (everything is made in the USA!).

Describe what you do and what you sell.
I am the Director of Development for Cocolene Natural & Organic Skincare. Cocolene is a company devoted to creating toxin-free products. Founded in 2012 by Sajata Stephane; the importance of soothing her infant child’s Eczema became apparent when an over-the-counter product called ‘Natural’ burned her daughter’s skin. Today, Cocolene is currently selling handcrafted soaps, serums, body balms, and salves for the most sensitive to normal skin types. Those who are searching for an animal and eco-friendly pro-aging skincare, relief from eczema/dermatitis, acne, hair loss, psoriasis and/or repairing the skin post-surgery come to us and are excited with the results.

What was the moment you decided: ok, I gotta turn this idea into a reality?
Sajata impressed many with products she had personally formulated for her family and friends. There was a neighborhood yard sale and she decided to set up a table just for fun. There were so many people who were ill and hungry for clean skincare, she sold out in just a couple of hours. She then decided to go to a farmers’ market and a month later clients were calling to find out how to order more products. She quickly realized she needed a website, and the business was launched.

Define success.
Sajata would consider Cocolene as successful when all the masses force major skincare companies to produce healthy skincare. When the population stops buying and putting harmful ingredients on their skin. In the meantime, success, from what I’ve learned, is being able to share knowledge and brighten others’ lives with positive information. These are the beliefs of the founders of Cocolene. The greatest feeling is when a returning client comes with tears in their eyes because our products, as they put it, have saved their lives.

What’s something fest-goers should check out at your booth?
We are so excited to meet the community of AFROPUNK Atlanta.. They should definitely check out our bestselling Rosehip+ pro-aging serum that has UV protection and hyaluronic acid, and our other moisturizers like Soothing Body Balm because the season is changing and I know so many suffer from dry skin in the winter. For those with super sensitive skin — Ginger Lemongrass Neem soap, Derma Relief oil and Rescue Salve are made to soothe everyone from preemies to grannies!