brazilian mc soffia and her “money” matters

September 18, 2019
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MC Soffia (a.k.a. Soffia Gomes da Rocha Gregório Correia) is a Sao Paulo rapper and songwriter who launched her career when she was only six years old. And yet, despite still being only 15 years-old, her lyrics address serious social justice concerns such as racism and chauvinism, encouraging girls to love their sisters and,  especially, themselves. 

Soffia just released the video for her summer single “Money,” and it deconstructs the stereotype of Black people in Brazil. The country’s media likes to generalize that Black people come from impoverished communities, but in this video, Soffia and her girls are hanging out in a super-fancy way and showing that  there is nothing wrong with a Black girl who has ambition, wants financial stability, and wishes to be a leader and a reference point in the business world.