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we’re with you dayton, ohio

August 5, 2019
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The morning after the news of the El Paso massacre, I did not expect to wake up from the buzz of my cellphone informing me of yet another mass shooting just 24 hours later. In today’s world, with the chime of a news alert comes immense fear as we prepare ourselves to read what the screen reports. This time the news was of nine people who lost their lives and 27 injured in Dayton, Ohio by the legally bought weapon of yet another white terrorist. 

The senseless act of hate has destroyed families and the spirits of many. Please join us in remembering those lost and sending prayers to their loved ones. These are the ones we will continue to fight for. The description of those we lost as detailed by the New York Times:

  • Lois L. Oglesby, 27, a black female; 
  • Saeed Saleh, 38, a black male; 
  • Derrick R.  Fudge, 57, a black male; 
  • Logan Turner, 30, a white male; 
  • Nicholas P. Cumer, 25, a white male; 
  • Thomas J. McNichols, 25, a black male; 
  • Beatrice N. Warren-Curtis, 36, a black female; 
  • Monica E. Brickhouse, 39, a black female.

While the motive is unknown former classmates of the killer, Connor Betts, have revealed disturbing information saying he had a “hit list” when they were students. The hit list was split up into  two categories: boys on the kill side and girls on the rape side. There is a serious and unrecognized terrorist epidemic by White men in America. Some American’s are so sick that instead of banning the cause of these massacre’s (GUNS) they grieve time and time again and ask why. We do not want thoughts and prayers we want to get rid of guns. Time is up on senseless, unavoidable acts of hate.

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